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It's Like a Zoo

I have been a super blog slacker. I'm sure my three faithful blog stalkers (that number is a complete estimate) assume it's because I've gone from a parent with one kid to two kids. But in reality, that's not it at all.

Sure, two kids is more work, but the "more work" comes into play when I have to get both of them ready and out the door at a certain time. Which we've done only once, to go to a doctor's appointment. Our daily lives/schedule isn't all that bad, or tiring, or awful. Of course the biggest help is my three year old and I am SO GRATEFUL she is such a good kid and has no issues sleeping through the night. I cannot imagine dealing with two children, who are "up all night" or at least each of them are up in the middle of the night. I'd assume no parent would get any sleep with two children that do not sleep well.

Plus, having a three year old who can do things such as put on her own shoes, go to the bathroom by herself, open and close the door to go outside with me and always help me with burp cloths and pacifiers is an added bonus. We are spending a lot of time outside, and she loves it and I do, too. 

I've attributed my "survival" to making small to-do lists. Maybe 1-2 goals to get done a day. And on some days that she is at school, I make sure I take a nap with my newborn so that I can catch up on sleep if necessary. 

As for the zoo part, this new child sounds like a zoo. He's a grunter and a groaner and a moaner and a loud sleeper. It's something that I am not at all used to and one day while I was resting, or attempting to nap as he was napping, I thought to myself, "He sounds like a zoo animal." I started to envision his one sound was that of a zebra being chased; then his sound that followed that was of a giraffe screeching, then a grunting lion cub learning to use his voice, etc. I of course have no idea what these zoo animals sound like, but it's fun to think my little one can imitate a wild African animal. And it adds a little comical relief after a 3am feeding, that he's pretending he is a zoo as I listen to him keep me awake.

And my slacking, is simply my lack of wanting to sit at the computer and type. We're spending more time outside, more time getting our to-do list done, trying new recipes, catching up on sleep, enjoying time with big sister and little brother, etc.