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July 27, 2013

Hudson is 3 months old!

Hudson is officially three months old! I am back to work so he's been in day care/school for three weeks now! His naps are crazy - short some days, long other days, or rather all over the place, but he sleeps through the night so that is all I care about. When I visit to feed him, he isn't sad or crabby or frantic because he's starving or overly tired, he's often fine and content and eventually begins to get fussy if I chat with the teachers for too long before feeding him.

He must be used to the daily events of waking, riding in the car and napping on our way to school and eating every 3-4 hours. 

He's pooping more, at least once a week and last week he went three times in one day, a blowout at school and twice for me within 30 minutes! 

His size 1 diapers still fit fine, and he is moving into 3-6 month clothing! Some of the 0-3 items are beginning to get too tight! He's quite mellow on his play mat, in the swing and in his bouncy seat. He coos and talks a lot on the play mat and when there are toys in front of him in the bouncy seat. He is holding his head up better, and has been sitting in the bumbo seat. We think he is around 13 pounds based on our scale test (you know the one where you stand on the scale without him and then with him).

He's happy. Even his teachers tell me he rarely cries. And he doesn't. He gets cranky and noisy but rarely is there a full blown cry. He loves to look at himself in the mirror and smile and laugh. And when you get him dressed, he often smiles and laughs and giggles when you take his shirt off his head and put a new one on. It's cute!


July 20, 2013


Lately I've been a single mom. My husband goes out of town for a weekend for personal fun, comes home for 8-12 hours and then goes away again for business for a week. It's brutal sometimes. We get by just fine, I go to bed when the kids go to bed so I'm not overly tired from a long and busy day at work and caring for them in the evening. But I don't enjoy bath, and it's summer so my three year old needs a bath each night to remove the dirt, slime, sweat, sunscreen from her body. So I find myself muttering and asking questions inside my head. Questions like "I will be rewarded for this someday, right?" Or simply reminding myself that all of this hard work equals "what goes around, comes around." But then I ask, is this normal? Is what I am doing caring for my two children alone just normal? It's not normal to my lifestyle with both parents present, but perhaps there will be no reward or karma that comes back to reward me because it's just what I'm supposed to be doing.

All I do know is that he is home and I am SO GRATEFUL! 

July 13, 2013

Blueberries 2013

This year I was on top of the blueberry harvest and because we were so busy, we had one day to get the goods and eat them!

Rachel was very excited to pick blueberries. She got her own bucket and had no trouble picking "just the blue" berries. She did show me the "gross" ones that she picked, that were mushy or eaten by bugs but quickly learned you just drop those on the ground and continue picking. She tasted a few but mostly picked them and set them in her bucket. I found it comical when she set down her bucket, walked three or four bushes down the row and ran back to her bucket to put blueberries in it. I kept telling her to take her bucket with her. 



Hudson was strapped to my husband in the Baby Bjorn and he did fairly well. He was a little cranky and then passed out while in the carrier. We picked berries for less than an hour - I didn't want to get stuck with too many berries (I know, I know, is there such a thing?) and it was beginning to get hot in the sun. 


Rachel picked half a pound and together we all picked 6.5 pounds. We ate blueberries in the car on the way home, we made two batches of blueberry buckle - a fantastic coffee cake with the best crumble topping, and we made a blueberry pie which I would rather not talk about. It tasted very good, but I tried to halve my single crust recipe to make a double crust because I didn't have enough ingredients. And for some reason I added cornmeal when i should have added cornstarch. I caught the mistake in time and did add the cornstarch but the cornmeal was already in there, too! Again, it was good, especially topped with my homemade whipped topping, but it needed more crust! It was from a recipe book that we recently received from Dan's Aunt Lee so Rachel was excited to make something "out of her book."


July 05, 2013

Fourth of July 2013

Ahhh July 4th has come and gone. Usually when this day arrives, I say that summer is over, because from July 4th until Labor Day in September, time FLIES and before you know it, it's Labor Day!


This year we were at home (not at the beach in Maryland like my husband would prefer) but we had fun! Rachel was really into the fireworks. When she came home from school on Tuesday she said, "Guess what Mom, Miss Britt said there were going to be fireworks." I then had to let her know she was two days away from seeing them. That was a tad challenging.

She was excited about the glow sticks that we were were taking to the fireworks but had a hard time understanding we were going to go to the parade and then go home and go back to the fireworks. We were late for the parade because we were eating dinner but we got to see a few floats, political officials, tractors, horses, super heroes and fire engines/trucks. Rachel even got a few pieces of candy! The funniest part was when Spider Man came across to our side of the street and Rachel clung to my leg! She likes spider man enough to have a toothbrush with him on it that she picked out but for some reason, seeing him in person was a different story. Also, Hudson DID NOT like the fire truck air horns. He immediately began to scream. Dan took him away from the noise and the street a bit and he said he calmed down until he heard the air horns. Then he would begin to scream.

Rachel had time to get some pillow candy and she ate the entire cone.


She was super sleepy at the fireworks but hung on and enjoyed the show while laying with me on a blanket. I told Rachel it was America's birthday and she said "Where's America?" That was fun to explain.

Overall it was a great fourth of July - relaxing, beautiful weather, good fireworks and fun earlier in the day in the little pool and slip n slide.