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April 30, 2010

Play Ball

Die hard fans (such as my husband) know that baseball season is in full swing!

Rachel brushes up on her baseball vocabulary including singing "Take me out to the ballgame" with her dad. 

Dress rehearsal for opening day! 



April 28, 2010

Favorite Snack Day

When I read "Show and Share your Favorite Snack" on Rachel's school calendar, I was excited! (Rachel was, too!) I sent (one of) her favorite snacks to school - Chocolate Cupcakes! I quickly decorated them one night after work and put chocolate butterflies on them. I totally forgot about photos and will admit, this is not my best work, but it was fun for the kids and they had no problem eating them!


Mini chocolate Chip Cupcakes, Green Frosting and Butterflies, ready to assemble! 

The finished product.

April 26, 2010

Rachel turns 1/3 of a year old

And here are Rachel's 4th month photos!

And here she is standing up! 



For Comparison:

1 Month Photo

2 Month Photo

3 Month Photo

April 23, 2010

Rachel turns 1/4 of a year old

I just realized I forgot to post Rachel's 3rd month photos....from March. I realized this when I was getting ready to post her 4 month photos!


One Month Ago (2 month Photo)

Two Months Ago (1 month Photo)

April 22, 2010

Fun Photos

Here are some snapshots of our little girl.





April 21, 2010

Meat Counter

Why am I so afraid to purchase meat from the meat counter at the grocery store?

The "butchers" in white coats intimidate me. They stand behind the counter as I gaze at the various steaks and ground beef and I begin to get nervous I am taking too much time and then the words and prices on the signs begin to jumble in my head and I can't seem to concentrate any more...round...center...t-bone...rib-eye...9.99...6.99...18.99. Not to mention I never can remember what is the "best" steak to purchase. I don't like to buy the steak with "marbled fat" or bone inside because I don't think I should pay for something I am not going to eat. But everyone tells me that is what makes the steak taste good when you cook it!

Then, I have no idea how to estimate how much the steak I pick out will cost. The butcher slaps my raw dinner onto the scale and the next thing I know I'm paying 23.99 for two steaks for dinner.

This price irks me because I don't know how to properly cook a good steak on the grill. And I know when I take this home and cook it, it will taste so so, not mouthwatering like I hope. If I'm going to spend $23.99 on two steaks, I might as well go to a restaurant and have someone prepare it for me.

April 20, 2010

Vintage Outfits

For some reason my mom has saved some outfits from when my sister and I were born. This one is circa 1970s. I can't locate any early photos in my album that show me wearing this jogging suit, so I'm thinking my sister wore it. I'm a member of Gold's Gym, and I might have to email them to see if they want to make her the gym baby. She's clearly sporting their colors!


April 18, 2010

Cell Phones

I have some of my favorite photos of Rockwell and Rachel on my cell phone. I finally took them of the memory stick so I could include them with my blog. The quality isn't the best.

Here she is sleeping on her hand. 


Sleeping in her car seat at the store. Her dad took this one. 


Smiling at me. 

Practicing the sprinkler dance in her crib. Wearing her wrist rattles. 


I like to call this one her "hot tub" photo. She's in the bath and it just looks like she is looking out thinking, "Can someone bring me a cold drink?"


April 08, 2010


While searching for a sun hat for Rachel to use when she goes to school, I found a few hats and we had a short, but fun hat fashion show.



April 06, 2010

Peter Cottontail Update


Rachel's sneak peek Easter dress photos were revealed a while ago, but here is the dress in its entirety...with the Easter Bunny! She didn't have a problem with the bunny, she got upset just before it was our turn to have photos! I didn't have a chance to calm her down and it was our turn! You can even see a tear in her eye!



The Easter bunny knows just what Rachel likes - Cadbury Eggs, Peanut Butter & Chocolate! Thanks to Grandma Linda for personalizing the basket for Rachel!




I recently started putting bibs on Rachel because she is very drooly.  While finding a new bib the day before Easter, I noticed this one! Thanks to Aunt Dawn and Avery for the hand-me-downs!




Rockwell had to pose with the basket filled with goodies he was unable to taste! 



Photo shoots with Dogs are challenging, but then you add a baby and an Easter basket prop and it gets even more challenging!