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May 28, 2010

Rachel turns 5/12 of a year old

I struggle with these photos. I never have enough time and usually try to get them done in the morning before she goes to school. 



Last Month


May 26, 2010

First Mother's Day

This is probably Rachel's 2nd craft, and my First Mother's Day Present from her. Her teachers helped her make a flower pot for me!



The flowers are painted using Rachel's finger prints! 


May 24, 2010

Second Anniversary Gifts

The traditional gift for a First Wedding Anniversary is paper. Last year I purchased a ticket for my husband to attend opening day at Comerica Park for our first anniversary gift.

This year, I will admit, I remembered our anniversary was coming and then I forgot. A few weeks before our big 2 year celebration, my husband sent me an email with his suggestion for a second anniversary gift for him: 100% cotton coveralls - - the traditional gift for a second anniversary is cotton (modern is china).

This was such a fabulous idea because I struggle with what to purchase my husband for birthday/anniversary/Christmas gifts because he wants big ticket items - a house with a basement, a rock star motorhome, a tractor...

So three pairs of navy coveralls are all wrapped and given to him on our big day! 


In keeping with the 100% cotton/Traditional Wedding Gift Theme, I received new flannel sheets! 

May 12, 2010

Rachel's First Craft

Rachel's school teacher gave me her first craft to take home. It was hanging up during the month of April and I never even thought to see if one of the pieces of artwork was hers! The teacher's traced Rachel's foot to make the chick. It's too cute!


May 10, 2010


Little girl shoes are so cute, especially when she is wearing them with a Detroit Red Wings outfit!


May 07, 2010

School Girl - Not the Naughty Kind!

Rachel has some great hand-me-downs from cousin Avery. One of the cute items is this plaid "school girl" outift.

And when you wear your hair on top of your head all day you end up looking like this! 


May 06, 2010

Baby Island

While going next door to feed Rachel last week, she was outside on "infant island" hanging out with her boyfriends!


May 05, 2010

Books are Fun

Here is Rachel in bed with Dad on a Sunday morning happily reading a book. You can see she has a serious case of bed head, too!


May 04, 2010

When She's With Dad...

I can only imagine what happens when Rachel is with her dad. I often catch them watching TV (which I am not a fan of) and Rockwell licking her hands...as she sits in her dad's lap (again, something I do not like). Rachel spends Monday and Wednesday nights with her dad while I go to the gym and usually Saturday mornings. Sometimes when Rachel and her dad go out and about, I get photos sent to my phone. Here are a few of them.

Here she is enjoying some time in the Dakota Race Truck at the DND Racing Headquarters shop. 


Here she is helping unload wood with her dad and grandpa. 

And she poses as a chef while her dad puts her into her PJs. 


May 03, 2010


Is it too early to play dress up with my little girl? Sometimes I put the burp cloth around her neck to catch any possible spit up. When I do, I think it looks like she is at the barbershop ready for a haircut!