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February 25, 2011

Valentine's Day Twenty Eleven

Last year's Valentine's Day was one I will never forget - not because it was Rachel's first Valentine's Day, but because it was my mother-in-law's last day on Earth. So this year as I was making cards and treats for Rachel to take to school and give to family and friends, I couldn't help but remember 2010 in the back of my mind.

My big plan for 2011 was to make thumb print hearts using Rachel's thumb print. I figured I only had to make about a dozen, so I could control her thumbprint and get the job done. Well, this task proved to be much harder and we never did get one heart done, we got one side, as you can see below.


I quickly changed my mind to hand prints. This task seemed to go much better than the thumb prints and faster. Rachel had fun "stamping" her hands onto her covered spot on the kitchen island.




Once the paper cards were done, I worked on treats for her teachers and classmates at school. This year I made a treat box out of paper and filled it with four different candies - chocolate covered strawberry, chocolate dipped marshmallow, fudge and chocolate wafer cookies. I always forget to take "in progress" photos so most of the images are finished products.





February 23, 2011

Georgia Photo Shoot With Cousins

My sister and I had big plans to take our daughter's for a photo shoot while they were together in Georgia. We held out sharing the photos until we gave a few of them to my mom as a birthday present. Now that is over and here are the pictures from the shoot!

I call the plaid ones "Huron County Plaid" photos. I think they are fitting considering our roots. 

Rachel is 13 months in the photos and Avery is nearly 5.






February 16, 2011

Elmo and his Work Bench

It is always nice to travel somewhere and not have to bring a bunch of baby gear and toys. Toys seem to be the hardest thing to pack and bring so I was relieved my sister had things for Rachel to play with when she was visiting. The Elmo Work Bench was in the basement and when my sister brought it up, Avery and Rachel couldn't stop playing with it.

Cousins hanging out in their PJs before breakfast.

Very excited to be using the circular saw!


Did you need the screwdriver? 



February 15, 2011

Lost Photos From Georgia

Writing on your magnadoodle is very tiring.


The next images do not need any sort of explanations or captions. You simply look at the people and surroundings and create your own caption. And hopefully you laugh, too!



February 13, 2011

Sledding...in Georgia

Sledding in Georgia was a little different than sledding in Michigan. The attire might be the same, but the conditions are very different. The temperatures were warming when we ventured out to go sledding, which can be seen in the photos below. It didn't matter, all three of the kids had fun. Mine being the most boring, just sitting in the sled, speechless, emotionless, content and at peace.

It was so sunny, Avery had to cover her eyes to take this photo! 


Caleb joined in on the fun, and didn't leave the dog chuckit behind. 

While trying to get my kid to smile, Caleb got excited and Avery just couldn't handle all the sunlight in her eyes. 


Note: Caleb didn't come over prepared to go sledding, so he had to borrow some of Avery's gloves and a hat. His mom does NOT normally dress him in pink accessories. 


February 12, 2011

Uncle Steve

Rachel wasn't 100% herself when we were in Georgia. She slept and ate well, but had a runny nose, was drooling, pink cheeks and just "off" from how happy she usually is. One night while we were winding down and getting books to read before bedtime, Rachel picked out a book and took it to Steve who was sitting in the recliner. She handed it to Steve and said something. He picked her up and the two read Barnyard Dance together before bed. It was a very precious moment.

February 09, 2011

Babes in the Bath

Avery loved taking a bath with Rachel when we were in Georgia. Rachel didn't say much while in the tub, she often chased the duck in the water or just listened to Avery talk - which is a 24 hour event.

Avery smiling for the camera!


Overview of the tub. If you look closely, Avery is playing dolls/telling Rachel something and Rachel is just staring at Avery, with her duck in hand, and listening. 



February 08, 2011

Gage in Georgia

Rachel loves dogs. She points them out in person, when she sees one in a book or on a poster, and when she finds her tiny stuffed dog at home. Gage, my nephew-dog, was no exception. Gage wasn't too thrilled with Rachel. She attempted to touch and pet him (in a very nice way) which caused him to relocate to another area of the house. And a few times Rachel got nabbed in the face with Gage's tail, which was pretty entertaining for the onlookers.

My sister wanted to see if Rachel would give Gage a treat. I knew she would, since she loves giving Rockwell treats. I was curious if Gage would take a treat from Rachel because he had been running away from her every day! 

My sister gave Rachel a treat. 

Rachel handed it to Gage. 

Gage took it and Rachel was quite happy about this new friendship! 


Gage walked away and ate it while Rachel clapped, happy and excited about her accomplishments! 



February 07, 2011

Dress Up in ATL

Playing Dress up is important for every little girl. Avery was nice enough to share her dress up clothes with Rachel when we went to visit.

You'll have to excuse Rachel's runny nose, pink cheeks, nose and face. That was part of her cold/teething event that naturally had to take place while we were on vacation.


February 04, 2011

ATL in January

Rachel and I went to Atlanta to visit my sister and her family in January. Of course, we flew to the Peachtree state when they just got dumped on with lots of snow and cold temperatures. The city was shut down for Monday and Tuesday and by Thursday when we arrived, people and businesses began to come alive again. My sister's neighbor was very concerned - their mail hadn't been delivered for four days!

We arrived at the airport and got parked and everything unloaded out of the car - stroller, suitcase, and a backpack which was serving as a diaper bag. It was just starting to snow, but we managed to get inside where it was warm. Rachel had a great time pushing the stroller around the empty areas of the airport and she especially liked going through security - with the pilot of the plane. She reached out to him just before we were to walk through the metal detector, so he, Mark, walked through the metal detector with Rachel in his arms. When we entered the plane, Mark greeted us again and gave Rachel some wings and a signed "trading card" of the airplane we were on. I didn't board early because I had a child, I actually waited until almost the end so I could be sure to keep the two of us on the plane for the shortest amount of time possible.

Rachel did fabulous on the plane - she didn't sleep one wink, but she didn't cry. My friend suggested stickers, which was a great idea! Rachel stuck and unstuck them to a notebook that I brought - with plastic dividers, so removal and reapply of the stickers was easy. She ate some of her own snacks and she loved the Biscoff cookies that Delta gives out. She gobbled one up and I had the other. This kept her occupied for a while.

Thankfully she slept on the way to Aunt Dawn's house in the car, otherwise, she would have been extra cranky that day. 

Overall our trip went well, Rachel had possibly a cold/teeth coming in so she was a bit off, but she did great considering feeling sad at times. She loved playing with Avery and especially enjoyed seeing the dog, Gage. 

February 02, 2011

Bendaroos in ATL

I gave my niece a 500 pack of Bendaroos for Christmas. Bendaroos are simply wax coated colored strings that are bendable sticks. When Rachel went to bed every night, Avery and I played with a lot of her new Christmas Toys. Our list included playing with Bendaroos and Moon Sand, Monopoly, Cootie and her other new games.

Bendaroos were somewhat boring if you ask me, but I took the instruction sheet and was determined to make a hamburger. The directions were a bit advanced, but Avery was able to help my sister and i with some of the prep work in making the burger. She cut the strings in half, she counted the colors we needed, she even rolled some into small coils for us. Once the burger was complete, it was time for Avery to go to bed, but my sister and I dove into the Bendaroos on a much larger scale. We stayed up until midnight creating the creations to surprise Avery the next day. She was very excited! 

The burger that started it all! 


My sister made this plate of spaghetti. 


And no meal is complete without dessert!