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January 31, 2011


2011 has arrived and Rachel's New Year Resolution is to gain weight. At her 12 month check up, she had only gained 3 ounces in 3 months. The doctor isn't too worried, she typically sees babies who learn to walk and burn energy not gain as much weight. We need to add some meat to Rachel's bones by adding some healthy butter and olive oils to her diet.

I love this photo of her skinny legs! 

P.S. The bottle is GONE! Rachel is officially using a big girl sippy cup for all drinking! 


January 28, 2011


Since Rachel got a sled for Christmas we had to suit her up and take her outside! It's a good thing we did because shortly after it got warm and all of our snow melted! She was pretty mellow in the sled (as she is with EVERYTHING) and just sat and enjoyed being pulled around the yard. I was able to catch a few smiles!



And of course Rockwell had his red ball outside! 


January 26, 2011

Cart Rides

I fell in love with Ikea's Ekorre Wagon/Walker and put in on Rachel's Christmas list. Rachel's Aunt Dawn bought the cart for Rachel for Christmas and she loves it! She pushes it around until it stops/she runs into something and then she walks away from it, or takes a toy out of it and walks away, but her dad and I like to give her cart rides.

We empty out the toys and put her in the cart and push her around the house. The rubber tires create a nice grip on the slippery floor, but also make it harder for us to steer her around the kitchen island and turn down the hall and into the bedroom. She loves being in it and going for a ride. 

Here she is in her PJs and with her baby taking a cart ride. 



January 24, 2011

Bloody Nose

Rachel got her first bloody nose in January. She was home with her dad and I and she was walking with a toy and fell. We thought she just hit the toy and bumped her face but then shortly after getting up we noticed her nose was bleeding. it didn't bleed for long, and she quickly bounced back, but we took a snapshot of the incident.


January 21, 2011

The Mouse Ran Up the Clock

Do you recall this song:

Hickory, Dickory Dock
The Mouse Ran Up the Clock
The Clock Struck 1 the Mouse Ran Down
Hickory, Dickory Dock.

Well, I woke up one night to the sound of something falling. I just thought, oh, it's the broom or something in the laundry room. The same night I woke up and heard something shuffling or moving. I thought to myself, I have a mouse in my house. I crept into the kitchen to listen where the sound was coming from and it stopped. I didn't turn on the light because I don't know what I would have done if I would have actually seen a mouse. I went back to bed and woke in the morning forgetting all about the mouse. 

Then I found dog treats, on my counter top, next to my stove. There were two of them. I know I didn't put them there. I did put the bucket of dog treats on the counter so Rachel would quit opening the cupboard and feeding them all to Rockwell, but I did not specifically place two treats near the oven. Mission Find and Destroy Mouse 2011 began. 

That night I bought a few traps, i had one, but needed more. I baited three of them, two with peanut butter, one with cheese and went to bed. The next morning I had a mouse in one of the traps - although he did manage to escape with the cheese, he got nabbed with the peanut butter trap. I threw everything away, the trap and all. I was so disgusted that a mouse was in my kitchen so I bleached all the counter tops.

I left the traps out for a few days just in case there were additional friends of this mouse, but nothing ever came out of them. A few days later I pulled out my oven/range to see what might be behind it since I figured the mouse was dragging dog treats to an area behind it. I found dust, dog treats, dog hair and a knife! YES! My favorite knife was behind the stove! This mouse managed to remove it from the knife block and carry it across the counter and drop it behind the stove! This is what I probably heard drop in the middle of the night. I believe I found the hole where the mouse came in as well, it was around the electrical outlet that the stove plugs into. I put the stove away and a few days later planned to close what I thought was the entry hole.

Then randomly one night my dog begins to bark at the gas fireplace we have in the dining room. It is a ventless fireplace (and if I had my way, it would be gone, but I'm married) and has an access door on the top that can be opened. I opened the door and saw a PILE of dog treats in the corner. This is what my dog was barking at! I even saw a piece of popcorn. I safely removed all of the treats and disposed of them.

A few nights later I had my steel wool and tape to close the access behind the stove. As I pulled out the oven, my dog began to sniff at the back, top corner of the stove and I noticed 2 dog treats sitting there. I removed them and noticed popcorn in the back of the stove, near the top where the knobs are housed. I got out my shop vac and began to suck up popcorn. I could then see more popcorn but wasn't able to reach it with the shop vac so my husband helped me take the stove top off of the oven and this is what I found: 

This super mouse even drug two treats under the stove top to the corner! 


I am so grateful my dog smelled those treats, because I don't know if I would have noticed the popcorn. I'm sure this could have easily started a fire, especially if I used the self cleaning oven function!

January 20, 2011

Spaghetti Face

Spaghetti was on the menu one night for dinner and Rachel shoveled it in so fast my husband and I were amazed! She must love the Italian sausage we use instead of ground beef! (Thanks to Uncle Eddie for that secret!)

And like usual, Rachel's "friend" is waiting next to her in case anything makes it to the floor! 



January 18, 2011

Christmas at Home

Christmas 2010 was one of the first times in a very long time (okay, last year when our daughter was born does not count) I recall being home on Christmas Day. This Christmas Day was not a memorable one. I got sick the night of Christmas Eve and so did my husband. We spent the majority of Christmas Day lounging around. I didn't make my ebelskiver pancakes for breakfast, but I did manage to make my friend Sara's special Macaroni and Cheese recipe for dinner. It smelled and sounded good, but neither of us really had the appetite for it.

Rachel liked the bows on the packages from Aunt Dawn, Uncle Steve, Avery & Gage. 



She got really excited when she opened a new baby!


And as usual, Rockwell was right beside her checking out her loot. 


I let her play with the ornaments on the tree while I took a few photos. She didn't really get into the tree and when she did show interested, we simply said, "no touch."



January 17, 2011

Rachel is 365 days old!

December 19th marked the 1st birthday for my daughter!

I'm drawing a blank as to what I can tell you about her! Her hair is super long, she loves to take baths, she is holding the telephone to her ear and talking a lot, she drinks whole milk, she weighs 17 pounds, 3 ounces, she has her first pair of "real" shoes (she's a size 3.5), she can fit into clothing labeled 6-12 months, and she still has one tooth!  






January 07, 2011

Christmas in the Thumb

What was I thinking when I suggested having my daughter's first birthday on Saturday and our family Christmas on Sunday while we were in the thumb?!?! Maybe it was because somehow I knew my husband and I would get the flu on Christmas Eve and lounge around all day on Christmas. 

All weekend Rachel loved looking out grandma and grandpa's front window to look at the birds. 

She wasn't sure what to think about her new camping chair. 


But she loved being pulled around inside in her new sled!


January 05, 2011

First Birthday

I decided to have Rachel's first birthday at my parent's house because most of my family and friends live there! We had about 24 guests, adults and kids, aunts and uncles, grandmas and great grandmas. We went through a case of Yuengling and then some, three quarters of a three milk cake, about 30 of my cake bite ice cream cones. The "older" kids brought a few wii games and played Just Dance in the living room while most of the adults watched. "Miss Anita" as the kids were calling her joined in on the dance fun as well as Dawn and Lynn.

Rachel didn't take an afternoon nap so she was super sleepy when the 7pm party began. She wasn't fussy, but wasn't overly smiley or social like she usually is. She sat quietly with her dad as they opened gifts, she visited with friends and family by simply sitting in their lap.

She didn't dive into her cake, she was very delicate - and I bought white cake and frosting, not thinking the effect of messiness would be toned down with the lighter colors, but it was! I put her to bed with frosting in her hair and gave her a bath in the morning. I think there was still some frosting in her ear when she went to school on Monday. 

My daughter was born nine days early, and the day she entered Planet Earth just happened to be my Grandpa's birthday. My daughter and Grandpa are 101 years apart. Crazy how the universe cycle works. 


You cannot have a birthday party without balloons! 


Or party favors -- scratch pads and pencils! 


 She was very lax during the opening of the presents. Her dad helped her and she was so tired she just looked at everything and sat there.

She tried to run after getting this gift in her hand!


And she wanted to read about the dog Carl. 


She read every birthday card that was given to her. 


A tiny cake for a tiny girl. 

She didn't like it when I put the hat on her. 


January 03, 2011

A Day Off and the Scrap Yard

For the first time since my daughter was born, I took the day before Thanksgiving off of work and sent my kid to day care. My husband had the day off as well and we planned a day to visit the scrapyard and maybe have lunch together.

Our visit was a tad off schedule, when the vehicle I was driving (1990 Dodge Diesel Truck) needed a new battery and stranded me at work the night before. So while attempting to jump the old Dodge, with the new Dodge (our 2005 Dodge Truck), it ran out of fuel. I blame my husband for this, since he drove it the night before and when we left he was aware the "get fuel" light was on. The quick stop to jump the truck and drop it off at my father-in-law's house turned into buying a gas can and new battery and replacing it in my office parking lot. An hour later, we were on our way to the scrap yard. 

I LOVE the scrap yard. This is the second time I have been there and I look at metals in a different way since I've been to the recycling center (and received a check). Today's big adventure was to recycle the Ramcharger my husband had dreamed of restoring. After taking out the engine, and selling most of the parts, the final resting place for the Ramcharger was at the scrapyard. Naturally I documented our event in photos. 

You can see it was "time" for the Ramcharger to go, the "Fear This" sticker was almost peeling off the back window from the elements. 


Almost everything that could have been sold was taken from the body. 

Here she sits, loaded and ready to go. 

You are greeted with dust and noise when you enter the scrap yard entrance. 

And she begins to move...

She is raised up, as if she is being sacrificed to the Gods. 


Here is her final resting place, with her new friends.



And here is what we went home with.