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December 30, 2010

First Haircut

I've been heeing and hawing about getting Rachel's hair cut. I wanted to be sure her first cut was by my very good friend, and salon owner, Dawn. When I decided to have Rachel's first birthday at my parent's house (also the hometown of Dawn's Salon) I knew I had to make an appointment for her to get her hair cut.

Rachel didn't get bangs, just an all over trim and even things up. Dawn kept saying she hair was very nice. She said it was even and the layers were nice! Rachel sat so perfectly on her dad's lap and didn't fuss one bit.I was very pleased with the results.

Here she is before, the side view. 


Another before picture, I think she was excited because she saw a dog cape. 


Getting the back trimmed, by her personal stylist, Dawn! 


An itchy nose! She probably got hair on her cheeks! 


A quick curl before the bow! 

All finished! 


December 29, 2010

Good Dog

The week between Christmas and New Years my day care is closed and I have to work so Rachel is spending some quality time with her dad. He's in charge of it all, picking out her outfit to wear for the day and even doing her hair.

Yesterday one of her toys quit working and so her dad went to the garage to get "something" so he could look at the toy and figure out why it quit working. He told me when he came back into the house, Rachel had the dog treat cupboard open and was feeding the dog treats, one after another from the bucket. 

The video he took is short and doesn't document her laughing, but I guess she was giggling as he took the treats from her. You can view the action here

Update: My husband thinks the title of the video should be one of these two options: 1. Rockwell is thinking, "Like taking candy from a baby". 2. You know what they say about those vicious Rottweile's!

December 23, 2010


My daughter is very into pointing at items and then saying "something" after she points at them. She was fascinated at the deer at my parent's house. My dad "took her to see them" several times. Usually she would let out a loud, "ahhhh" and then laugh and giggle.

When she woke up on Saturday morning, I took her into the room with the deer and stood her on the floor. She looked up at them and started with her "yelling" and looking and pointing at the deer.


Grandpa lifts her "high in the sky" to see the deer. 


Here is one of her reactions to seeing the deer. 



December 22, 2010


Rachel went to see Santa!


December 21, 2010

First Birthday Party at School

The benefits of working right next door to my daughter's day care is being able to go visit her at any time. I was so excited to take my ice cream cones to her school for her birthday treat, because they tasted awesome and looked awesome. I planned a time with her teachers and went to visit with her surprise.


When I came into the room, Rachel was walking around ringing this bell. She didn't want to let go of it. 


She is sitting at the table with her bell! We sang Happy Birthday to her and she smiled. 

Baby A was too young to enjoy the ice cream treat, but he joined us in spirit. 


Her friend C sang Happy Birthday!


Baby Girl A was very excited to see the treat, but she couldn't have any either! 


More of her friends!


Her teacher's put a crown on her head! It didn't last long, she took it off almost immediately.


Her friends enjoyed snack! 



I handed her the ice cream cone and she didn't know she could eat it. She banged it on the table and tried to hand it back to me. So I stuck the bottom of the cone in her mouth. She then ate the entire thing from bottom to top! Once it was in her hand, she never let go.



After having a birthday with her peers, we went into the preschool room and the preschoolers sang Happy Birthday to her. She smiled a lot while they sang to her. 


Her preschool friends. 



December 20, 2010

First Birthday Treat

I fell in love with cake bites/cake balls a while ago and have been trying to find an excuse to make them for every event. Usually I roll them in balls and dip them in chocolate and call it good, but this year, for Rachel's first birthday, I stumbled upon these and HAD to make them.

My first quest was finding mini ice cream cones. I called around, I searched the internet, I ended up buying them on Amazon. GFS sold them, but I had to buy 1000 cones, and I figured that was a tad too many for a first birthday party. After my cones arrived, the rest was super easy! And as you can see, I didn't use any creativity! I just copied the recipe. It wasn't hard, just time consuming.

The final task was to find a "holder" for all of my cones. I took a set to Rachel's day care to celebrate her birthday and I took them to my parent's house for her party. I ended up making a "cone holder" out of some wood we had in the garage. I drilled a gazillion little 1" holes in it and then covered it with silver wrapping paper and used 35mm film tubes for legs. It fit perfectly in a box I got from work, making it easy to take to her day care. 

Here is the first batch in progress. 


The first tray finished and ready to go! 

The second batch! You can see my handy-work with the film canisters and scotch tape! 


December 10, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 was a memorable one. Rachel sat at the table with everyone and ate dinner with us. Later that evening she even took her first few steps. Thanks to Aunt Dawn (who was there in spirit) for the Turkey Bib!


She laughs with us at the dinner table.


Trying some of the food!

She loved it! And she even liked the left overs!


December 08, 2010

Rachel is 11/12 of a year old

On the 19th of November, Rachel celebrated 11 months of being on Planet Earth. She got her first tooth a week earlier, on the 13th. My husband noticed something "white" in her mouth when we had her in the shopping cart at Meijer and sure enough, her first tooth, on the bottom left of her mouth. She's been toothless for so long, I cannot imagine a mouth full of teeth on her.

Her hair is terribly long. I'm contemplating getting it cut, but want to be sure my good friend, Dawn can give her first hair cut. Dawn is 2 hours away, so maybe when we visit in December, Dawn will be able to squeeze Rachel in. 

She recognizes her dad and I, and she especially recognizes the dog, Rockwell. She says "dog" when she sees him. She has an awesome belly laugh when we tickle her. It cracks anyone up who hears it.

This month's photos were kind of rushed, so I had my husband try to help me get her attention. She's frequently looking at him. He calls this photo her "model pose."





And We're Walking

My husband took a video on his cell phone of our daughter walking. You can view the video on you tube by clicking here.

December 06, 2010

Baby Lemon

My high school friend is pregnant and due at the end of December. When I found out she was knocked up, I assured her I would come and visit before the baby and help her with anything she needed. Rachel and I made the three hour trip to Indiana one weekend to visit Heather and her husband in an attempt to clean the house, organize the baby room and give a foot massage.

We arrived on Friday after Heather got out of work and I brought a nice pan of lasagna for dinner. It was delicious and we relaxed that night while we made a list of goals for the morning. Rachel got to try out Lemon's new pack-n-play and slept like a champ in it. On Saturday Heather and her husband sorted through baby items and returned a few things at the store and I began to organize some of the things that needed to go upstairs. We hung clean clothes, filled the dresser drawers and got the mobile installed and night light plugged in.

One of my main objections of traveling to Indiana was making sure I had a sandwich at Chick-Fil-A. We accomplished that when we went out to the store to do some additional returns and shopping. We even stopped at Sam's Club and picked up a package of diapers and a crib mattress. Everything was coming together very well until we got home that evening. 

My stomach didn't feel "right" and a few hours later I went to bed - early, around 9pm. I woke an hour later and tossed my Chick-Fil-A sandwich down the toilet. I continued to vomit through the night and tossed and turned getting very little sleep. Rachel and I left first thing in the morning to drive home. I stopped at a gas station and got a box of crackers and a sprite and managed to keep that down during the drive home. I anticipated sleeping when I arrived home just after noon but I received a call from my husband that he wasn't feeling well. So when I got home, the two of us sat on opposite couches and dozed in and out of consciousness while Rachel played in front of us. It was a very rough Monday.

And sadly, I didn't take the flu home with me. I left it in South Bend, which meant Heather got sick on Sunday night and missed a few days of work, just before Thanksgiving. I felt so terrible and hope that I never do that again. 

We didn't get as much done as I had planned, due to my cookie tossing, but we made a small dent in the mix, and I had a great time hanging out with Heather and Sam.


Rachel was the official baby gear tester. She tested the Sungli and the Baby Bjorn. She was much happier in the Snugli.



December 04, 2010

Turn off the TV

Our daughter loves buttons, not only the ones that are sewn on clothing, but anything she can push - remote controls, telephones, toys, etc. She also loves light switches, which could have something to do with the fact that we have showed her how to turn them off. In September when my parents were at my house, my dad said, "Wait until she figures out that button on the front of the TV turns it on and off." I kept my fingers crossed that she never would discover what that small 1/2" square did, but I was wrong. One day, the TV just went off. And we began to tell her, "no." At first she laughed at our disciplining words, but then she began to listen. Now when she gets close to the TV button, she looks around to see where we are and then decides if she will turn it on or off. So far, she isn't too much interested in it, but every now and again, she will sneak one past us.

Here she is sizing up the button. 


And then I tell her, "no" and this is what greets me. 


December 02, 2010

Wash, Wash, Wash the Dishes

My daughter LOVES the dish washer. It is almost like she has a sixth sense when it's open and air drying. She crawls from the living room to the kitchen and is drawn to the dish washer. Sometimes when I want her to "stay in one place" I will open the dish washer and let her "play" with the clean dishes. She doesn't do too much but play with the vent on the open door and pound on the dishes. I am grateful she's never grabbed any of the silverware. Don't worry, sometimes I take the entire silverware tray out!

Here she is playing with the vent. I think her dad did her hair in this photo, and he did a great job! 


Pounding on mom's mixing bowl and making lots of noise! 

Rockwell watches with a semi-disgusted look on his face.