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Teacher Thank You Gift

After sharing my blog with my day care and receiving great comments from the teachers, it was now time to say goodbye to the "baby" room and watch my daughter move to the toddler room. I "himed and hawed" about what to give them as a gift...and decided on this - fresh picked STRAWBERRIES and scratch pads (of course, everyone loves and needs paper)!

Rachel and I picked 15.1 pounds of strawberries on a RAINY Sunday afternoon. She was such a good trooper and I was amazed we picked so much while I was holding an umbrella over her with one hand, squatting down and picking strawberries with the other, all while she ATE berries! My goal is always to just pick, pick, pick, and without any complaints of the weather, and the situation from my 2.5 year old, I kept picking until our box was full.

And this was a record year for our picking - last year we nabbed 10.5 lbs and the year before, 10.25. 

Originally I purchased bowls to put the berries in, but when I got to the strawberry patch I was able to buy the boxes for a DIME each! So I went that route and made a little note, tacked it to a popsicle stick with a dab of hot glue and delivered it to the "baby room" teachers. 


The tag reads: Thank you for being the BERRY BEST teacher and for helping me GROW. I couldn't have PICKED a better one.