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April 30, 2011

15 Month Stats

Most everyone wants to know all about my "baby" so here is the update. 

At her 15 month appointment in March she was 19.8 pounds, which is in the 6%. She was 29 inches long and is in the 11th percentile. She is tiny. She still fits into 6-12 month pants and some of them are loose on her. I often roll the waistband to make them shorter and to add girth to her midsection. She has quite the belly. Not in a fat way, but when she walks around, her belly is sticking out! It is truly cute to see when she is naked. I put on a pair of tights the other day that were 3-6 month and they fit perfectly. I'm learning very quickly that "name brand" tights with "feet" are much better than other brands that don't have a heel and toe shape to them.

Her hair is getting longer. I still haven't decided if I will be giving her bangs. Part of me does not want her to have bangs because then I will always have to trim them, and Rachel's stylist is 2 hours away. She is probably due for a haircut and we might try to get her in sometime in June when we are in the Thumb. For now she gets a lot of side-like ponytails near the crown of her head. It keeps the hair out of her eyes and under control. She has curls in the back after it dries from a bath. They help keep her looking "trimmed." 

She is quickly learning her body parts and what to do with them - for example feet go into shoes, your "bottom" is for sitting, hands and arms go into coats and shirts and hats go on your head. She tries to comb her hair when I give her a comb. She loves shoes. She wore a pair of Avery's sketcher clogs to school today. She LOVES these shoes and they are a size 6. Rachel wears a size 4. When you push on the toe, you can't even feel a foot! 

She loves it when the fridge is open. She "plays" with the items on the bottom shelves of the door. She never takes them out, or picks them up, but touches them and checks out the tops and their labels. She is very good at shutting the door of the refrigerator. 

Most recently Rachel has started to mimic things. If you pretend to sneeze and nod your head and say, "achoo," she will not her head as well. If you howl like a dog (something I do to get my dog howling as best as a Rottweiler can howl) and tip your head to the sky and make a noise, she will do the same. She knows what comes after "On your mark, get set." She likes to say stop and if you ask her what a lion says, she will "roar." If you ask her what a cow says, she will mooo.

She LOVES bath time and I cannot wait to get her out of the tiny inflatable duck tub we use and into a R E A L big-girl tub! She needs room to roam and play and splash! 

April 27, 2011

Can Collections

I cook and bake a lot. I'm in the kitchen a lot. Probably more than the living room! But thankfully our kitchen and living room are right next to each other and nice and open. So while I'm cooking Rachel and play and hang out with me if she wants. Sometimes she wants to help me and that usually means I hold her while I'm using my mixer or stirring something on the stove or she sits on the island in her chair and watches me mix, mix, mix.

One day when I was in the kitchen she was out and about playing. At one point I looked over at the trash can - probably ready to toss something in - and she had begin to pile her collection on top of it. I had to grab my camera and laugh. I even watched her for a few minutes while she went into the other room and gathered a toy to place on top of the can. 





April 25, 2011

Water Bowl

My daughter L O V E S the dog's water bowl. We have to tell her constantly to stay out of it. We have a gate to keep her out of the dining room where the dog bowl sits, but we often leave it open so the dog can drink out of his bowl! Usually the gate is open in the morning and this day was no exception. I was gathering things to get us out of the door and was calling Rachel to come and get her coat on. She did just that and as I was about to walk out the door with her, I noticed the dog bowl in the dining room.

Rachel is very aware the dog's water bowl is not her toy. She often stands near it, looks around to see if anyone is watching and if she thinks she is in the clear, she goes for splashing her hands in it. It has resulted in us leaving the house with one wet sleeve, or very cold hands, since we usually put ice in Rockwell's water. 

A few days after this photo was taken and the blocks were removed and sanitized, I found a block on a shelf in the dining room and I couldn't help but chuckle. 


April 22, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

This year we went to a different mall for our photos with the Easter Bunny. There was no line and Rachel was able to get "used" to the bunny before she sat on his lap. Well, she was much more into the eggs and chicks, and ducks and flowers around the bunny than the live bunny who was waving to her. She did end up sitting next to the Easter Bunny, but not on his lap. And I wasn't going to push the idea after last year's photo.

Happy Easter to all!

Just to refresh, here is last year's bunny photo. 


April 20, 2011

"Excuse me, can you hand over some T.P.?"

Last month my daughter went "missing" for longer than normal. By missing I mean she went into her room for what seemed like much longer than usual and when I went to investigate, I found her walking out of the bathroom, which is right next to her bedroom door.

She had a trail of toilet paper in her hand and was running toward me. I couldn't help but run to grab my camera. I wanted to discipline her by telling her no, but I refrained because I wanted to catch this Kodak moment. I knew this day was going to come. I was thinking I would discover her sitting next to the toilet paper holder in the bathroom with a pile of unrolled paper on the floor. I must have gotten lucky this time because the roll was almost empty. She managed to pull all of it off and was carrying it down the hall (toward me) that morning. As I was snapping photos, I let her "play" with the toilet paper to document the event. She ran back and forth to the bathroom and thankfully (knock on wood) hasn't shown interest in the toilet paper since then. 




When she went back for a second run, she stepped on the toilet paper and broke her streamer. 





April 18, 2011

Lucky Friends

I know I am behind, but I wanted to share my St. Patrick's Day lucky friend popcorn treat I made for Rachel to take to school! It was a modification of the popcorn balls I remember making with my Grandma and sister when I was a kid. I never knew how we made them, just that my grandma filled her (clean) sink full of popcorn, and dumped the colored syrup on the popcorn. Our job was to mix and mix and mix and butter our fingers/hands and shape them into balls. It was a challenge because you had to work fast before the popcorn set up, but the popcorn was hot on our fingers! I remember making all sorts of colors and wrapping them in plastic wrap for Christmas.

When I began this project, I had no idea it took so long to boil the sugar mixture to get the temperature to 212 degrees F. Thankfully my candy thermometer worked perfectly and my favorite recipe book (Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book) gave me an approximate time because the recipe card I was using did not! I was taking a "risk" with this recipe, because I didn't plan on forming the mixture into balls, but rather pieces, spread out onto wax paper.

When I mixed the popcorn and green sugar syrup mixture in the bowl, it covered very well. I was surprised because I thought it was difficult as a kid to get the popcorn coated and I recall mixing and mixing and mixing. Of course I had to taste some, because some fell onto the counter while mixing and it brought me back to my childhood. It tasted exactly like I remember. The sugar stuck to my teeth and everything! It was a great memory!

It starts with popcorn...

And boiling hot sugar syrup...

After you combine the two, you spread it out on wax paper to cool.


When it's dry you break it apart and package it! 


April 07, 2011

Getting Old

The other day my friend told me she felt old because she was scheduling an open house for her almost three-year-old daughter to attend preschool. I chuckled because this is her second child, and she is younger than me. But I also had an 'old' moment and I shared it with her. I recently purchased a pill box at the store. Lately I've been awful at taking my daily vitamin, so I thought a box showing the day would encourage me to take it. So far (on day four) it is working.

Speaking of old, Rachel had her 15 month check up last month. She's 19.8 pounds and still under the 10 percentile. She is always laughing. The simplest things make her laugh and it is always great to have her around. Just the other day I went to get her out of the car to go to school and noticed she had a nice green slimy booger on her forehead. She often sneezes in the car, and that day's sneeze must have brought up a booger that she then smeared onto her forehead. She thought it was hilarious when I wiped it off of her face. She just giggled and laughed! 

Yesterday when I went to see her at school she had a blanket and was wrapping any animal/baby item she could find up. Then she would hug it and carry it around. 

We picked up a large plastic ball for her from the store the other day. She just laughs when she carries it around and laughs even harder when you throw it to her. We're working on making sure Rockwell realizes and knows this is not his ball to play with, since it looks a lot like his purple jolly ball outside in the yard. 

I've taken her to the park a few times and she loves the swings. She enjoys going down the slide but hasn't quite mastered sitting on her butt to slide down. She tried to go face first a few times and then I caught her. She went face first down a very small indoor slide at school and had rug burn on her forehead. We have a slide in our yard that she climbed up the ladder and then decided to let go and rolled off the side.

Tonight is a big night for us. Rachel is a closet pacifier girl. She doesn't have a pacifier in public, nor in the car, she only has one at night when she sleeps. I've determined 15 months is too old to have one, so I'm taking it away from her tonight and we will never see it again. I know it will involve crying and sadness, but I'm hoping I can be strong and do it! And by Monday we can tell all of her teacher's she is a big girl and done with the pacifier.