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June 29, 2009

What Goes On Inside My Melon...No, Not Those Melons!

June 8, 2009

I just realized this is the last summer of "Kari and Dan" together, two, a duo. Next year our lives will be completely different. 

June 10, 2009

Today I asked my husband if he would "grow a belly with me" and he declined. 

June 12, 2009

I'm 30 today. Three decades. Only about 32 more years until retirement. 

June 14, 2009

I asked my husband if he would paint my nails today. He replied, "Can't you paint your own nails?"

I was hoping since I am carrying his unborn child he would have said, "Yes, I would be happy to."

June 17, 2009

I broke down at one point and cried today. I won't say why so hopefully I will forget what I was so upset about.

June 20, 2009

I will not gain a lot of weight during my pregnancy. I will not. But I do need one more rice krispy treat....or the baby needs one more!

June 26, 2009

Strawberry Season


This is the second segment to my Around the Corner travels. This time I was able to drag my husband to a u-pick strawberry farm! We spontaneously went one night after work, he amazingly got out of work early, and I rushed home to meet him and get to the strawberry farm!  I didn't want a ton of berries because I knew we wouldn't eat them in time and they would rot. Plus, I could always come back for more.

We visited a place not far from our house and spent about an hour and a half there. That included the walk thru of their small animal farm filled with chickens, peacocks, hens, rabbits, goats, pigs and the wagon ride to the fields where we picked jewel strawberries.

We came home with 10.25 pounds of berries and $12.30 less in our pockets. My husband even admitted it wasn't "that bad" so maybe I can drag him to pick blueberries with me.

With all of the fabulous strawberries, I decided to make some jam. I crushed the entire 10 pounds (minus some we had eaten a few days before) and made 60 small jars of jam. Below are some photos of my first-time canning strawberry jam.

Clean Jars ready to be filled!


I can't decided which masher I like better, the waffle one or the standard potato masher. I do know I like the handle on the white masher better!


Instead of pouring the berries into the jar, I decided it would be much more fun to pour the molten lava jam onto my thumb. Causing a nice burn. I found the easiest solution to making it feel better was a glass of ice water. Our solution to numb it so I could continue working was a custom made ice pack. My husband helped me wrap it and helped me finish the first batch since the injury happened when I poured the molten lava jam into the first jar.


June 23, 2009

12 Week Ultrasound Photos - Pregnancy Update #6

12 week ultrasound photos. I know it's what all you blog stalkers have been waiting for!

I think you can pretty clearly see the head, body and hand that is in front of his/her face (second photo), so I won't point these features out and include a photoshopped image.



June 20, 2009

3:30 a.m. Toss and Turn - Pregnancy Update #5

June 2-12, 2009

If you are familiar with my 2 a.m. toss and turn, you will realize quickly that I spoke too soon about it ending. Now at the beginning of June, I'm dealing with the 3:30 a.m. toss and turn. It doesn't happen every night, but when it does happen, I toss and turn trying to find a comfortable position as my gut and stomach feels like it is eating itself alive. I should just get out of bed because as I lay there, my mind wanders to the gazillion things I should do the next day, or the receipt I should have put into the checkbook register two days ago. I've come up with a fun game while tossing and turning: I talk to my husband when I wake up in the middle of the night and cause him to toss and turn a bit.

The other night he rolled over and I said, "Hi." To which he replied, "Hi." Then I asked him what he was doing, and he said, "nothing." He rolled over, pulled the covers tight against his neck and began to breathe deeply and fall asleep. I asked him about it in the morning and he has no recollection of our conversation. I think I can squeeze in all sorts of things to ask him in the middle of the night like, "Will you give me a foot rub...empty the dish washer...do the laundry...cook dinner?" Hopefully he will answer yes, not recall what he said in the middle of the night and just do it for me!

Of course this morning break also gives me the opportunity to count my blessings and be grateful I am not sicker than a dog, am still feeling great most of the time and just realizing I could be way worse off than I am!

Someone has asked me if I am tired. I'm not really any more tired than usual, some days I seem to not want to get out of bed in the morning, but that seemed to happen pretty regularly pre-pregnancy, so I don't really attribute that to being pregnant. Some nights after work I have all sorts of energy, go to the gym, come home to cook dinner, and other nights I want to take a nap right after work, but it isn't anything that prohibits me from my usual lifestyle.


June 18, 2009

Breaking the News - Pregnancy Update #4

I bought my husband a book a while ago when we decided to stop preventing a pregnancy in our life. It's called The Dude's Guide to Pregnancy: Dealing with Your Expectant Wife, Coming Baby and the End of Life as You Know it.  It is a very funny book and he is finding it very enjoyable to read because it is so comical. One part in the book says that a woman cannot just tell her parents she is pregnant. She has to have some sort of to-do about how she is expecting. This was me to the T!

I did some searching online as to how I would break the news to my parents and to my in-laws. Nothing really grabbed my attention, there was the standard wrapping of the onesie or bib that said something about grandma, dressing a sibling in a "I'm going to be a big brother/sister tee" I was thinking we could dress our dogs, giving a rattle, etc. I did come across one idea. To give a save the date card. This is what I did for my in-laws.

It took me three tries to get it just right, but I drew a small Christmas tree on the front of the card, and on the back it said, Save the Date 12-28-2009.  My husband gave the card to his parents and they weren't sure what it was for. They didn't know what to save that day for, so my husband had to tell them it was my due date. They were ecstatic.

As for my side of the family, I had the opportunity to pick up my sister and niece at the airport for their week trip to Michigan. I planned to tell the entire family that weekend since we would all be together By entire family I mean, my sister, dad and mom! While we were watching TV at my parents house one night, I casually asked my sister if she had planned on coming to Michigan for Christmas. She said, "yes" with a sigh as if she didn't want to come. I then said, well, maybe you'll get to meet your new niece or nephew. My mom looked up from reading a magazine and said, "Are you serious?" My dad was smirking in the recliner and my sister said, "What are you talking about?" I just smiled and said nothing. It took my sister a few minutes to realize I was knocked up and when she did, she started to cry and ran over to hug me. Of course I told her to stop crying and to "get off of me." She then had to call her husband.

As for the general public, I decided since I knew about the surprise party my husband was having for my 30th birthday party, and most everyone at the party knew I knew, I would turn the tables and surprise my guests. I made four signs and shortly after arriving at the party, I showed them to my guests:

The Surprise

Is On 


I'm Pregnant!

This information was received better then me showing up for my birthday party! And those that didn't make it to the party, got an email the next day.


June 15, 2009

Stirrups, Vaginas and Uteri - Pregnancy Update #3

My first real doctor's appointment was on May 27th. It was at 10 o'clock in the morning so my husband and I were able to get up and enjoy a breakfast at a restaurant I've been wanting to go to for YEARS! Of course because his work is crazy, he was in the car before the appointment making phone calls, firing up his laptop and checking emails. But, he found 40 minutes to just be with me at the OB-GYN's office.

My husband and I have SO MUCH fun together with little short one liners that make us both laugh. They can be original one liners, something we repeat from a movie or something we heard from a friend or at a party. Well, I was very excited to take the opportunity to inform my husband of all of the "great" things the gynecologist's office has to offer! In the first room I went into, I let my husband know where the stirrups were on the table. There was only one stirrup "out" and he even asked, "there's only one?" I informed him there is another, and it folds into the table, probably so people don't run into it when the come in and out of the room!

The next room was the room in which I had my ultrasound. Of course I had to undress and then the nurse and doctor came back into the room and did their thing. This was a vaginal ultrasound so after the nurse left so I could change, I immediately informed my husband of the "probe" that was lubed, covered and ready to be inserted into my girl parts to show him "his" baby. He commented on the number of "condoms" in the tray under the machine. And asked, "Why would they have all of those in here now, isn't it too late for that?" A great laugh for both of us!

In comes the doctor and nurse. I'm not exactly sure what is going to go on but I have a pretty good idea. My feet go into the stirrups, my "bottom down" at the end of the table, and there I am, stretched out to the world, covered by what seems to be the thinnest sheet in the world! The doctor "checks" me and I just have to ask, "Can you feel anything?" Her response was, "A uterus that is bigger than usual." Not exactly sure what response I was looking for, but I got one and was hoping to break the ice a bit.

Next comes the ultrasound. The lights dim, the monitor comes on and there is my "baby." The next thing I notice: my last AND first name is spelled wrong on the monitor. Now, it is VERY common for people to misspell my last name, but my first, come on! There are FOUR letters in it! Anyhow, I had to set them straight because we had an issue with a misspelled name on one of our home owner insurance policies. When your name is not spelled correctly, they tell you that you "don't have a policy" eventhough you do! And that was my husband's last name which only has 7 letters in it! UGH! So I wanted my name to be set straight just in case something funky happened with insurance paperwork.

So here we are looking at our baby. At first I thought maybe it was a cartoon character, and this is the best way I can describe it: a 2 ball snowman, both balls of equal size, and the top ball had two ears, on one each side. After this thought passed, the doctor informed us what we thought was the top (the ball with ears) was really the bottom. So my cartoon character was immediately ruined. The doctor said the baby was moving around a lot and later my husband said it was because it was my baby and I have "a hard time sitting still."

This first ultrasound was somewhat surreal. It didn't click and really hasn't clicked that the photos are from me. From inside my body...We'll see how the next one differs, maybe the snowman has grown more "parts" than just ears! 


At my initial visit I was told I was 8-9 weeks pregnant and my due date was December 11th. Two weeks later at this appointment I was told I am 9 weeks pregnant (not 11) and am due on December 28th. Dan is hoping for a tax deduction for 2009!

On a vocabulary note, Uteri is the plural form of Uterus. 

June 12, 2009

Aluminum Foil a.k.a. Tin Foil

What on Earth would we do without aluminum foil? (Also known as tin foil or simply foil.) It covers a plate of cookies, works great to cover pans in the oven, wrap veggies to cook on the grill or over an open camp fire, and keeps gum fresh. But all of those things are obvious uses for foil.

How on Earth would we make our awesome alien men or a model solar system for grade school projects? Would we ever set goals in life if we didn't decide one day to make a foil ball and continue to search for pieces of aluminum foil to make it grow bigger and bigger?

I don't think I would be where I am today without tin foil. Perhaps we should get together and send tin foil to poverty stricken countries so they can enjoy it as much as I do. 


June 09, 2009

2 a.m. Toss and Turn - Pregnancy Update #2

"How are you feeling?" was the first thing the nurse asked me when I went to my first informational doctor's appointment after taking a home pregnancy test. I could sense her sympathy when I said, "blah" and she assured me it will get better. I was then asked if I was vomiting, having a hard time eating, or not sleeping well. All of which I answered, "no." I think this caught the nurse off guard, she was expecting something worse from my feeling blah comment.

April 27-May 1, 2009 (no confirmed pregnancy)

I feel fat. I look at myself in the mirror and think, wow, my belly is getting fat. I need to get to the gym every day this week. No slacking. In one week, I will take a pregnancy test and read the following passage, and understand why..."You still may not look pregnant even if your waist is thickening a bit." www.babycenter.com

Thickening? Is that what they call it? Thickening? Ugh. All the things I read say you will notice this thickening but no one else will. Sadly I feel that everyone can tell.

May 4-8, 2009

This first week was the worst. This was the week I took my home pregnancy test and felt awful all day every day. It was as though I was always going to throw up, then I would burp and feel better. Then the feeling came again, I would burp and the cycle of feeling better then crappy would continue. I felt like a dirty trucker belching all the time, but those burps brought me so much relief!

Food sounds good, but when I get a few bites into something, I don't want it anymore. I still force myself to eat it because the last thing I need right now is a cold or less energy due to malnourishment.

May 11-15, 2009

By the second week I was starting to feel great when I woke up, crappy when I left for work and better by around noon. This was the week I found out I was 8 or 9 weeks along! Yikes, I never thought I would be "that far." I guess never being pregnant I never knew when the crappy sickness would arrive. Maybe it's different for everyone.

This week the sleepless nights began. I started calling it the 2 a.m. toss and turn because between 1:30 and 2:30 a.m. I would lie awake in my bed, not feeling 100% and toss and turn until I fell asleep again. I will admit, the few back rubs that my husband gave me during this uncomfortable time helped me tremendously! I think the great feeling on my back took my mind off the uneasy feeling I had in my gut. 

I've been informed of a anti-nauseous OTC medicine called Preggo Pops. I cannot easily locate these candies, but I did find a thread online in which one commenter said a regular Jolly Rancher hard candy will do almost the same thing. I tested this claim, and I think it worked, or I had myself convinced it was working. I'll have to try it again to see if it is really true.

Side note:  The 8 or 9 week estimate is because the nurse calculated my estimated due date by the first day of my last period, but, a good friend suggested temperature tracking via www.fertilityfriend.com and I had an estimated ovulation date based on my temperatures. This date was a week off from my last period. (Yes, Sara, I followed your temperature guidance, and I cannot say it worked, but I "thought" I was pregnant based on my chart's temperature readings before I had any symptoms).

May 18-22, 2009

Over the past weekend I got cranky. I wanted to do things but was unable. I just had such a blah feeling. It is such a unique feeling I'm not sure how to describe it. It's not like when you are tired and force yourself to keep going, yawing your way through the work day or evening dinner party.  It's not like when you have a cold and feel like crap and want to stay in bed all day. It's worse! This past weekend I was crabby because I thought I was starting to feel better, then randomly in the afternoon I would feel sick. But in the evening I felt great. I will say the 2 a.m. toss and turn has currently been eliminated from my night sleep patterns (knock on wood!)

May 23-25, 2009 - Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend was somewhat brutal. I got a lot of outside work done, like planting my flowers and garden, cleaning out the fire pit, and putting new mulch in, but on Saturday night I got such a terrible head ache, I got sick. I was crying and throwing up at the same time. I hate getting sick. After that episode, I decided I needed some Tylenol (the only pain reliever I can take). So at 10:30 p.m. my husband and I got out of bed, and into the car and drove to the store to get some Tylenol. I came home, took one, fell asleep and alas, in the morning my headache was gone.

On Monday, I bent down to pick up my shoes to put them away and when I came up, my lower back was screaming! I must have pulled something. It is tolerable, but sore. I'm attributing it to the fact that I will be 30 next month.

Currently I am feeling as if I cannot suck in my gut to make it look flat. I try, and it just stays there. Hopefully no one but me is noticing!

My first official Doctor's appointment is the 27th of this month! 

June 07, 2009

An Anniversary Gift - Pregnancy Update #1

The week of my 1 year wedding anniversary I was feeling like crap. It's very unlike me to feel poopy or even get a cold. I am a terribly healthy person. So when I woke up on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday feeling like I should stay in bed all day, I thought maybe I was pregnant. A week or two before my boobs started to get sore or "tender" as the doctor's office says, but I attributed that to my coming period. Although last time my boobs were sore, they were only sore for about two days and then I got my period. I was unable to hide how crappy I felt from my husband any longer so on Wednesday, the eve of our 1st anniversary, I took a pregnancy test.

When I got home, my husband was "getting ready" to go to his parent's house to work on the race car. It seemed to take himF O R E V E R that day and twice I went into the bathroom and almost used the facilities because I had to go so bad! But on the way there, I stopped myself. As soon as he shut the door to leave, I was peeing on a stick and within seconds, I knew I was pregnant. That plus sign couldn't have gotten any clearer! I did wait the required 2 minutes to see the "real" test results, and it was the same, positive.

I was relieved, and then horrified. I thought to myself, how am I ever going to do this? I feel like crap! It's one thing to be sleepy and not want to do something, but to be sleepy and feel like vomiting, that is much harder. I don't like secrets, so this secret was going to be hard to keep. I planned to tell my husband on our anniversary that we were going to be parents. The entire day of Thursday, I said NOTHING about feeling crappy, or about knowing I was pregnant.

The evening arrived and we went to Taco Bell for dinner. I know, how romantic, but I felt like crap, didn't want to cook and love their Fresco Chicken Soft Tacos. So off we went. When we came home we exchanged gifts. I got these cool alumninum running boards for my bug and a nice watch (the modern 1st anniversary gift is "clocks"). In April, I gave my husband the traditional 1st anniversary gift of Paper and you can read more about it here, so all I had for him was a card. I drew a heart on the front and on the back I wrote, "Happy 1st Anniversary! Love, Kari" and then at the bottom I wrote, "P.S. You're going to be a father." He looked at me and said, "What? When did you take a test?" Immediately I felt bad because the day before I went back and forth not sure if he shoud be here when I pee on a stick or not. He said he didn't feel he needed to be there with me, so that did make me feel better.

So that's it folks, I'm pregnant. 

I had an appiontment yesterday with a nurse to go over all of my health history and the "rules" while pregnant. She is estimating I am 8-9 weeks pregnant. My next appintment will be an ultrasound and she will be able to determine a more accurate due date. (appointment date was May 13, 2009)