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May 29, 2013

Hudson is 1 month old

Yes, four weeks has passed and my baby boy is officially a month old!

I sat him in the same orange chair his sister sat in when she was a month old. Of course there are several outtakes for the one good photo. His sister was at school when I took it, but I am sure next month she will be home, so that in itself will be fun, simply because she will be very excited to help with the photo shoot.

He still snuggles with his "frog legs." He loves to be swaddled. And I feel bad for him because it is warm outside, and he wants to be wrapped up like a burrito. It has to be warm. He farts like a man, crazy loud farts that usually come with grunting, screeching, squealing and sometimes crying, then a big ol' toot comes out. Sometimes his farts are so loud and adult like, that I ask my husband if it was him or his son.

He is still wearing newborn clothing, that seems to fit the best, but he is slowing transitioning into 0-3 months, he wears a size 1 diaper. We have yet to have a blow out requiring a clothing change. He sleeps well during the day, swaddled and sitting up in the bouncy seat or the swing are favorite places for him to get some shut eye. He sleeps in his crib at night. He also likes to sit up on your shoulder and look around when he is awake.

His hair is light brown according to me, and sandy brown according to his dad. He still has blue eyes and cute feet. He eats every 3-4 hours. Every few days he seems to be starving so he gets a bottle from his dad. His sister always wants to hold it and feed him, but she doesn't pay attention, she quickly gets distracted and says she is done. During the night he will often go 4-6 hours without waking up. And when he does wake up, he eats and goes right back to bed.

He was crazy loud when he was born. The first night in the hospital I could barely sleep because he was always grunting and groaning and squeaking. Something I wasn't used to, so I was unable to sleep through the noise, plus, we didn't know if he needed something or not! He has calmed down the the grunting during the night. He still grunts, but not nearly as bad as when he was first born!

Rachel LOVES him. When she calls me on her way home from school, usually the first or second question is , "Where's Hudson?" When she comes home, she says, "Hi, mom!" Followed by, "Where's Hudson?" She often RUNS to his side, when she hears him fuss or cry. She gives him his pacifier or sings a song to him. She is always adjusting the sun shade on his car seat, moving it or opening it so she can see her "baby brother." And on most days when Rachel is home, Hudson enjoys being outside in the bouncy seat on the deck, while we play with bubbles, or swing on the swing, get the mail or have lunch on the deck. He seems to like the fresh air, but not the bright sunlight in his eyes.




May 25, 2013

Fear in the Health of Your Baby

While pregnant with my second child, I blogged about a dream I had. You can review it here if it has slipped your mind. At the end of my dream blog post is information about a woman giving birth to a bird and it is interpreted as a "fear in the health of your baby." I feel like now is a good time to "come clean" about the impact that dream and it's interpretation had one me.

I had what I call the "down syndrome" ultrasound on December 7, 2012. This elective ultrasound checked for several birth defects. I did this ultrasound with my first child - I have always felt like I would want to be prepared rather than shocked at what can and might happen. Four days after this ultrasound, I received a call from my doctor. I was at work, at my desk and usually I don't take these calls, but for some reason I took this one. My husband was out of town working, which means he is pretty impossible to get a hold of until he has a break between working and having dinner with clients and customers.

My doctor told me my ultrasound was normal. The size of the baby was okay, the parts were all normal, the genitalia was normal (thankfully no gender reveal was noted!) But she then told me the ultrasound revealed a Choroid Plexus Cyst on part of my baby's brain. She then told me this is very common, but often not "caught" on ultrasounds, only 1-2% are ever be seen. She said this cyst can be a marker for genetic problems - one in particular being Trisomy 18. This means a person has an extra 18th chromosome. It is less common than downs and often associated with other abnormalities and deformities.

But none of the "markers" were there on my ultrasound - such as smaller limbs, or clenched, folded over hands, etc. My chance of having a child with Trisomy 18 went from 1 in 40,000 to 1 in 20,000 due to this cyst. As I sat at my desk frantically writing this all down, I was holding back tears and an overwhelming fear that my child was going to not survive or would be extremely challenged. I was told no repeat ultrasound was necessary because there were no other indicators or markers to show this genetic issue.

I freaked out. I was unable to get a hold of my husband which may have been a good idea, because I was unable to even talk due to the tears and fear I had. Instead I emailed him all of the information you are reading and when he did get back to me, I was able to process the information and talk to him. It was a rough week or so, and there were many times I'd google Trisomy 18 and begin reading a website and then stop, breaking down in tears and hoping that my child would be fine (hey, I already had a kid without an ear, so this fear was real).

A few routine doctor's appointments later and discussion about this situation again - assuring me everything was normal and another ultrasound was not necessary and I felt much better. The thought crossed my mind every now and again, and thankfully when our son was born, he was healthy and perfect in every way. 

May 22, 2013

May Days

Maternity leave in May is quite nice. A change from December, although hanging inside, with a new baby in December isn't all that bad. But having the nice weather to spend outside with my three year old in May is super nice. Plus, we're able to get a few things done outside of the house.

Most of our mornings are spent playing outside, having lunch on the deck and then taking an afternoon nap. We then return outside for snack and play after nap. We have daily walks to get the mail and every few days we do a few loads of laundry. 

Here are some photos of our daily lives. 

Hudson hanging out with us on the deck.


Big sister helping to bathe her brother. She LOVES to help with this and is actually quite good at washing his legs and feet and keeping a pacifier in his mouth so he isn't "sad." She also helps to pick out his clothing he will wear after his fresh bath.



After bath, H's hair is fluffy. 




One weekend Rachel helped her dad rake the yard. It took all my might not to help with this task! But I had to refrain due to my csection incision and my restrictions on "working" for at least six weeks. 



And this girl was kind enough to give baby a ride on the tractor! 


May 18, 2013

It's Like a Zoo

I have been a super blog slacker. I'm sure my three faithful blog stalkers (that number is a complete estimate) assume it's because I've gone from a parent with one kid to two kids. But in reality, that's not it at all.

Sure, two kids is more work, but the "more work" comes into play when I have to get both of them ready and out the door at a certain time. Which we've done only once, to go to a doctor's appointment. Our daily lives/schedule isn't all that bad, or tiring, or awful. Of course the biggest help is my three year old and I am SO GRATEFUL she is such a good kid and has no issues sleeping through the night. I cannot imagine dealing with two children, who are "up all night" or at least each of them are up in the middle of the night. I'd assume no parent would get any sleep with two children that do not sleep well.

Plus, having a three year old who can do things such as put on her own shoes, go to the bathroom by herself, open and close the door to go outside with me and always help me with burp cloths and pacifiers is an added bonus. We are spending a lot of time outside, and she loves it and I do, too. 

I've attributed my "survival" to making small to-do lists. Maybe 1-2 goals to get done a day. And on some days that she is at school, I make sure I take a nap with my newborn so that I can catch up on sleep if necessary. 

As for the zoo part, this new child sounds like a zoo. He's a grunter and a groaner and a moaner and a loud sleeper. It's something that I am not at all used to and one day while I was resting, or attempting to nap as he was napping, I thought to myself, "He sounds like a zoo animal." I started to envision his one sound was that of a zebra being chased; then his sound that followed that was of a giraffe screeching, then a grunting lion cub learning to use his voice, etc. I of course have no idea what these zoo animals sound like, but it's fun to think my little one can imitate a wild African animal. And it adds a little comical relief after a 3am feeding, that he's pretending he is a zoo as I listen to him keep me awake.

And my slacking, is simply my lack of wanting to sit at the computer and type. We're spending more time outside, more time getting our to-do list done, trying new recipes, catching up on sleep, enjoying time with big sister and little brother, etc. 

May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day because I LOVE the gifts my daughter brings home from school! This year I got this FABULOUS hand scrub. It reminds me of the one minute manicure I had years ago. It's very pleasant and I've used it several times. Rachel tried it with me and laughs when she scrubs her skin with it!

The week of Mother's Day I asked Rachel if she did any projects at school as well as talking about how her day was going. She told me "yes, I made you a caterpillar and a lady bug." I asked her where it was and she didn't reply, but went on playing. 

When she handed me the present, in a gift bag, she said to me, "It's a jar!"

Here is the detail of the fingerprint caterpillar and lady bug and bee!


May 12, 2013

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

My husband and I are dorks - and we know this - and that's why we get along so well! We try to follow the traditional gifts for our wedding anniversary. I have this chart on our refrigerator and reference it once a year when our anniversary comes. He seems much better at following it than I am, but this year, I'm planning ahead because when our anniversary comes, our newborn will be less than 2 weeks old so I have to be on top of my game!

This is our 5th Wedding Anniversary. And as the chart shows, the gift is "wood." I see this and think, "This chart stinks! What sort of gift will I get him that is wooden or related to wood!" And for those who do have a sick mind (like myself), the obvious is not an option here! It must be a material gift! 

So I begin to scour the internet and within a few days I find a few items that I think might work and I thought about sharing them with you because "wood" gifts are "hard"  to find.

Wooden Pocket Knife
Wooden Mechanical Pencil or Pen
Wood Handled Ice Cream Scoop (he does love Ice Cream, but I'm thinking of the woman who will have to hand wash that sucker)
Wood cutting boards and cooking knives are always and option, but my husband really won't use them because he doesn't cook.
Wood Personalized Signs for bars or man caves
Wood Box
Wood Bottle Stopper/Cork for those who love wine.
Wood Handled Razors - Etsy has these neat wood handled shaving razors

I went with the following: 

1-A block of wood in his lunch box, that read: I've been married to Kari for 5 years and all I got was this piece of wood. 


2-A handmade wood pen that looked like a 30 caliber bullet/gun. (from etsy)


3-A wood handled pocket knife (From etsy, which I later learned was a composite/fake wood!)

Of course I was SO PROUD of my wood gifts, that this year, my husband didn't follow the list. But that was okay, I got some hanging baskets/flowers that I love!