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November 30, 2009

Diastasis Recti - Pregnancy Update #41

At one of my trips to the doctor, I questioned the funky "ridge" I have on my belly when I lay on my back and sit up. I was informed by my doctor that I have diastasis recti. It sounds like something in the bowel movement area, but in reality, it's a split in my abdominal muscles. It is common for pregnant women and there is no guarantee my muscles will go back to their normal area...let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope they do. I'm pretty sure I'll have enough things happen to my body that will cause me to never be normal or have my pre-pregnancy body back....let's hope I don't have to add this to the list!

November 25, 2009

Hotsling - Pregnancy Update #40

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Sunday Morning and I'm making breakfast. My husband asks me if there is anything he can do, and I tell him he can watch a DVD and show me how my Hotsling Baby Sling should be worn. I toss in the DVD for him and while the video is showing its introduction, I notice him patiently waiting on the couch wearing the sling. We both broke out laughing and I insisted I take a picture.


He was somewhat of a good sport about the entire thing, but got quickly upset when the instructional DVD began to go too fast for his liking. I helped him rewind and pause and together we figured it out. We'll see how it goes when we have a real baby to put inside.

November 23, 2009

Nut Cracking Baby Shower in P-Town - Pregnancy Update #39


It all started at a summer party in Pinckney at Julie and Aaron's house...Julie and Aaron went to high school with my husband. Julie asked me if she could host a couples baby shower for Dan and I. I graciously accepted her offer and thanked her for wanting to take on such a generous and big task! Dan overheard our conversation and immediately said, "You know what the Dudes say about that!" I asked what he was talking about and by this time, he had some explaining to do to the guests that were now part of this conversation.


Dan: "I'm reading this hilarious book called The Dudes Guide to Pregnancy and they say if your wife forces you into a "couples shower" where you invite your "couple friends," all the guys who come get to kick you squarely in the balls on their way out the door after the shower."

Aaron: "If you ever catch me at a baby shower, I would hope someone would kick ME squarely in the balls on my way out the door."

And so it began...The Nut Cracking Baby Shower. If any of you know Dan and I personally, you know this is right up our alley. Anything fun, off the wall and out of the ordinary, we love.

I was bad at taking photos...I didn't get any of the cake or the cute decorations Julie had for us. But we had a great time with about 25 guests - lots of food, drinks and good conversation!

Here are some favors for our guests...nut sacks filled with mixed nuts. 



Dan's World Famous Nut Butter favors for the guests - keeping with the theme of course.



Of course the night never would have been "complete" without the UFC fight on television. Thanks to hosts Aaron and Julie, the guys probably think this is the best couples baby shower they have ever been to! 

November 22, 2009

Best Purchases - Pregnancy Update #38

My second best purchase during my pregnancy has been bra back extenders, and more recently, a new bra. Since becoming pregnant, my cup size seems to be the same, but I feel like I'm getting bigger around. I did read my rib cage can expand up to 2.5 inches during pregnancy. Must be what is going on. I picked up some bra back extenders to add to my current bras to give me some extra room. This new purchase soothed me almost instantly.

I also purchased a new bra, not at all sexy, because as the woman at the boutique says, "you know, as you get this big, the bras aren't very pretty, they're supportive." I didn't care, I was so excited to have a new bra, without an underwire to sit on my belly, that I wore it home. The girls at Sunny J's are the best! I can't wait to go back - closer to delivery - to pick up a few nursing bras!

November 18, 2009

Tums - Pregnancy Update #37

Last night, for the first time in my life, I took one Tums antacid. I've heard and read many women experience heartburn during pregnancy. I don't think I've ever had heartburn in my life. I even asked my husband if it really felt like your "heart was burning." I've had no burning heart feelings, but lately I've had a gross thing going on in the back of my throat. It doesn't seem to be brought on by any certain food item - last night I had PB&J and a Fiber Bar - so I usually tolerate it until it goes away.

A while ago I had some TUMS that I probably got as a free sample, and I took them to work thinking someone at work may need some heartburn relief. I grabbed a roll and tossed it into my purse about a month ago, thinking maybe I would need this in the future based on the information I had read about heartburn and pregnancy. I forgot all about the little antacids, until last night. I pulled out the roll and had to read the directions for use and dosage! The instructions said to "chew 2-4 tablets as symptoms occur, or as directed by a doctor." I was very hesitant, so I sucked on one green tablet. Ten minutes or later, I was "cured."

I'm thinking since my heart never felt on fire, maybe this is acid reflux? Who knows, but my one tums tablet brought me relief. 

November 14, 2009

Nesting Teaser - Pregnancy Update #36

October 28, 2009

I was just complaining to a friend the other day that I am ready for the nesting instinct to kick in. She informed me it already has! I assured her she was wrong because I had no desire to clean. She said it was not only cleaning, but organizing and getting ready for the baby. I still disagreed with her. I did go through tubs of clothes from my sister this past month, but I didn't really enjoy it. It was somewhat of a hassle to me - unpacking, sorting, washing, hanging and putting away. Well, I'm pretty sure I just experienced my first nesting teaser today.

I was late for work today because I HAD to clean out my bathroom drawers. I had been pondering this thought for a few months now, and I do it about twice a year, purging all sorts of useless products and samples, half open bottles of this and that and tossing old makeup and personal products, washing the bottom of the drawer and baskets I keep everything in and putting all the useful items back in the drawers.

Well, this morning was the morning to get it done. I was working as fast as I could, but I was unable to stop and put the project on hold while I got ready for work. I knew I was running late, and I knew it was beause of this cleaning spree, but I couldn't stop myself from cleaning and force myself to get ready to go to work and get there on time. This feeling of craziness came over me and I had to finish the project! I cleaned two of my three drawers and left the third for another day. I knew I would be really late if I tackled the third drawer. I finished getting ready for work and was on my way.  

On my way to work, the extreme organization and desire to throw things away was still in me! I cleaned the center console of the truck while driving to work! Tossing wrinkled napkins, organizing the coupons, flyers, pizza deals and rearranging everything so it had its own place. When I got to work that day, I thought the nesting instinct would continue, but it did not. Somehow I had satisfied the urge!

When I got home from work that night, I had no desire to clean my final bathroom drawer, so I set my alarm 15 minutes early for the next morning. I got up early and cleaned that third drawer.

I haven't had the desire to clean or continue any other nesting rituals since then. I'm thinking this was just a teaser and I am again ready for the motivation to clean to kick in once again!

November 11, 2009

Stroller Inspector

Our dog, Rockwell, is a very unique dog. He frequently wants to be by your side and next to you whenever you work on any sort of project - planting flowers, scrubbing a spot off the floor, hammering a nail, changing car oil, etc. We frequently call him the "inspector" when he works next to us. Some names we have given to him are Health Inspector, Quality Control Inspector, Safety Inspector, Closet Inspector and most recently, I call him the Stroller Inspector.

My friend and I went shopping at Buy Buy Baby over the weekend and she was looking for a stroller for her daughter. We probably spent about 45 minutes in the stroller department, checking out features, folding and unfolding strollers, gawking at the expensive ones we could never afford and then she set her eyes on a basic umbrella stroller that fit her budget. We played with the stroller and after the store saleswoman told us all we needed to know about the stroller, I was already sold on it and figured I should get one if she does not. Well, at the end of our shopping trip, we both got one.

I took the stroller home, took it out of the box and showed my husband. I rolled it around the island of our kitchen to see if my dog was the least bit interested in it and he was not. But after I "parked" the stroller by the couch, Rockwell decided he needed to give it a full inspection. I snapped these photos of him inspecting the inside of the stroller.



November 09, 2009

Coming out of the Closet - Pregnancy Update #35

In August, I decided to take a photo of the closet in the nursery. I thought it might be fun to see how it "grows" as we get closer to her arrival.

It began as this on August 22nd....



On October 29th it looked like this....



Here is it's progression. Perhaps my nesting started in October? I like to think my "free time" began in October! That's when I sorted, washed and hung the clothing my sister gave to us. I didn't enjoy it at all! It seemed like such a hassle to wash and dry all of those clean clothes and then hang them up according to size! 



Currently my closet organization system includes clothing sorted by type: Long Sleeve Onesies, Outfits and Sleepers. Within the types of clothing, I have them organized by size, smallest to largest. There is a costume section that includes a ballerina, butterfly and a lobster and a winter coat section that houses a few lightweight snow suits and some winter coats.

If anyone has any organization suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know! I'm always up for suggestions! 

November 06, 2009

5 Minutes & 2 Treats - Pregnany Update #34


Before paying for, and sitting through, a very disappointing 2.5 hour class on Preparing Your Pet for Baby, I decided Rockwell would not be allowed into the nursery. He can stand in the door/doorway and wait and look in, but he is not allowed in.

One weekend Dan was helping me put together the crib and we decided it was time to start training Rockwell to stay out of this room. I believe our task of keeping Rockwell out of the room took 2 dog treats and 5 minutes. When Rockwell would wander through the doorway, we would simply stand up, say, "out" and direct him to the doorway. I would then return to the crib assembly and when Rockwell tried to come into the nursery, I would say "out" and direct him to the door again. At one point, when he went out the door very quickly, I gave him a treat. After about 5 minutes, he got the idea. And when it was all said and done, we spent 2 treats on our training.

Occasionally he tries to come in, and I tell him out and occasionally give him a treat. For the most part, he will just stand in the doorway. If I am in the nursery for an extended period of time, he will lay in the doorway.



November 04, 2009

The Bump - Pregnancy Update #33

My friend Sara took some great photos at my shower, here is one of My Bump. I think I look huge, but she assures me I am not huge, my bump is just huge. I guess I can live with that!


November 03, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year my husband and I had to play on my pregnancy and belly for our Halloween costumes. We decided to go as a Shotgun Wedding. I hope we didn't disappoint our fans!


November 02, 2009

Baby Shower in the Thumb - Pregnancy Update #32

I am so grateful my mom wanted to host a baby shower for Dan and I at The Pasta House in Kinde, Michigan. The two of us spent an afternoon with friends and family received fabulous gifts for our soon-to-be daughter. We thank everyone for being there to support us and for their generosity! Here are some photos from the event.

Invitations for our Guests.


Centerpieces - Fresh Sunflowers in Repurposed Spaghetti Sauce Jars with a Custom Paper Wrap.


Party Favors - Jars of Strawberry Jam I made in June.


And, my friend Dawn opened her jam and tried it on a piece of bread! She didn't report any sickness...


Table Decor - My Favorite Napkins.


My mom, sister and I made cupcakes, brownies and chocolate chip cookies, while my Aunts (God Bless Them) made mini-cheesecakes and macaroon cookies. We had dessert trays on each table.

We didn't play any games, and it took 90 minutes for about 40 guests to enjoy a pasta lunch, eat desserts and watch Dan and I open gifts. 

I had cards on the table for each guest to complete. They read:
Offer your secrets to parenting.
Tell your favorite childhood memory.
Share your favorite thing about being a mother.

I LOVE handwritten items, so I thank everyone who completed these cards! I'll keep them for years to come and love to read and re-read them. Here are a few of my favorites: 

My favorite thing about being a mom is I get to be a grandmother - and what used to be a no-no is now hilarious. 

One of my favorite memories was dressing your dad in dresses and pretending he was my doll. 

When our kids were acting up, we didn't spank them, we pulled their hair. 

Go on vacation, not trips because trips include kids! 

Remember it is okay for your daughter to get her own pop-tart and watch TV while you sleep in.

Secret: Everything can be washed.

Thanks to my friend Sara D. for taking photos and for all of the nice compliments I had from my guests. I received a lot of "you look great" but my favorite comment was from my cousin Kim. She assured me I was "so tiny" and that I would be in my normal jeans 2 weeks postpartum! That made my day, let's just hope she's right and not just "being nice!"

When we got home, we had all of this loot to put away and organize!